Procedural Generation of Underground Environments

May 28, 2018



Procedural Generation of Underground Environments

June 19, 2018 Note: This effort was previously planned to be released in June 2018, but funding for this effort has been diverted to another project for FY18. This effort is still planned to be executed under TReX in early-mid FY19.

The Army desires more realistic underground virtual environments for training threat mitigation in urban and mass transit areas. However, underground structures pose unique technical challenges due to their complexity and the inability to collect data about underground geometry from airborne sensors. As a result, simulation databases tend to have limited underground representations. This effort will identify ways to automatically extend existing geospatial datasets with geotypical underground representations.

This effort will result in a demonstrable approach to procedural generation of underground features. The effort will be broken down into a series of short Phases of 3-4 months each. The successful vendor(s) will demonstrate incremental progress at the end of each of these phases. The effort will focus on underground mass transit (subways) as an exemplar, but multiple types of underground features will be taken into account during design and implementation. Successful demonstrations will show approaches for addressing challenges such as:

 Fusing with above-ground features such as a station or a tunnel mouth.

 Pedestrian and vehicle trafficability (ability for pedestrian entities to interact with stations and trains to travel on tracks).

 Crossing and merging of train tracks (underground and above-ground tunnels).

 Procedural generation with limited information.

Capabilities will be developed such that they can work on multiple game engines and systems. Procedural generation shall occur with an absolute minimum human interaction (limited to start, minimal to none at conclusion).

The Army has approximately $600K available for award(s) towards this effort.

Estimated Release: 2QFY19

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