Aviation Virtual Training Suite (AVTS) Core and Lesson Baseline

November 13, 2019
Army helicopter

This notice is to inform you of the following revisions:

Update from 1/8/2020

January 8th – responses will be posted to the questions submitted
January 8th – revised RFS to be posted
January 28th– revised Proposal due date

Updated Request for Solutions, 22 Nov. 2019, revises Paragraph 6.3 & 6.4

Purpose and Authority

This Request for Solutions (RFS) is seeking innovative solutions in support of the Aviation Virtual Training Suite (AVTS) environment prototype project. The Government will evaluate the solutions with the intent to competitively award one or multiple Other Transaction (OT) Agreements through Training and Readiness Accelerator (TReX), in accordance with the authority of 10 USC §2371b.

Summary and Background

This effort is in support of the United States Army Program Executive Office (PEO) Aviation (AVN), one of 12 Program Executive Offices serving the Army. PEO AVN is the lead component of the Army Aviation Enterprise and is tasked with designing, developing and delivering Aviation Weapons Systems to the Army. In that role, PEO AVN is also the office responsible for the design and implementation of effective training systems to allow soldiers to most effectively and safely use the Aviation Weapons Systems developed by the Army.

This effort is seeking the development of a prototype solution that will use a common software architecture and source code to provide the essential common functionality for an Aviation platform product line, which will enable training in critical tasks required for various aviation platforms. Current training systems use a unique software architecture, source code and hardware. PEO AVN believes that the Government could achieve multiple efficiencies if its full line of aviation platforms utilized a product line methodology using common software, common source code and hardware where possible.

To learn more regarding this RFS, click to view and download the RFS and associated documents below.

Please note that Attachment 1, Draft UH60V Training Support Packet (not included), is releasable only after the vendor submits to NSTXL a completed Attachment 10, GFI Tech Data Distribution Agreement, and provides certification in writing per the guidance in Attachment 6, Security Process for Vetting Contractors.

Update: 1.8.2020

Att 9 Terms and Conditions and EULA_Amd 02_Track Changes_ 8 Jan 2020



AVTS RFS AMD 02_8 JAN 2020

Att 9 Terms and Conditions and EULA_Amd 02_ 8 Jan 2020

Updated Request for Solutions, 22 Nov. 2019, revises Paragraph 6.3 & 6.4

AVTS RFS Amd 01_22 Nov 19

Updated Request for Solutions, 21 Nov. 2019, revises Paragraph 6.3

AVTS RFS Revision A 21 Nov 19

Request for Solutions, 13 Nov. 2019

AVTS RFS 13 Nov 19

Att 2 DoD 851001-Risk Mgmt Framework

Att 3 DoD 857001-M Cyber Work Man Prog

Att 4 DoD Cyber Security Reference and Resource Guide 2018

Att 5 Sample WBS

Att 6 Security Process for Vetting Vendors

Att 7 Data Rights Assertions Tables

Att 8 Data Rights License Terms Definitions

Att 9 Terms and Conditions and EULA

Att 10 AVTS_GFI__Tech_Data_Distribution_Agreement-15_Oct_19

Att 11 FR Form 2746-R-E

Update 1.16.2020

Mobile Application MilGaming Installation Instructions (v1.1)

Any questions regarding this RFS should be directed to TReX@nstxl.org.

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