10 FEBRUARY 2022:

The Government has released the latest batch of Q&A Responses. You can view it here:

Question Form Batch 2 consolidated 02.03.22 for Release

08 FEBRUARY 2022:

The Government has extended the CWP FXD solutions deadline for one week.

The new deadline is: Friday, February 18th, 2022 at 12:00 PM ET.

12 JANUARY 2022:

Request For Solutions


  1. Attachment 1: Security Process for Vetting Vendors
  2. Attachment 2: Questions Form
  3. Attachment 3: Data Rights Assertions Tables
  4. Attachment 4: Data Rights License Terms Definitions
  5. Attachment 5: Terms & Conditions and EULA
  6. Attachment 6: Vendor Self Vetting Form
  7. Attachment 7: Telecommunications Representation
11 JANUARY 2022:

Q&A Batch 1 responses from the Government for CWP FXD are now available. Please find the document here:

CWP FXD dRFS Q&A Batch 1 – 01.11.22-Final 

The Cyber Warfare Department (CWD), under the organizational structure of Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) Digital Analytics Infrastructure & Technology Advancement (DAiTA) Group, develops and assesses cyber warfare capabilities for mission assurance, increased warfighting system lethality, and defend Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) weapon systems (including aircraft, unmanned vehicles, weapons, and sensors) and directly corresponding support systems (including data links, mission planning systems, maintenance systems, and logistics systems). At present, CWD has determined current security measures are inadequately designed for weapon systems and the corresponding support systems.

In support of furthering the NAWCAD Cyber Warfare goals to advance technology for cyber warfare operations, the Government anticipates releasing several RFS’ in multiple technology categories. CWD anticipates there to be a mix of deliverables depending on unique requirements identified in each RFS. Deliverables may include SW, HW, or a combination of SW and HW. Each unique technology category RFS will have the type of deliverable(s) and expected outcomes identified within each RFS.

The first RFS for the CWP prototype project is the Flexible Cross Domain (FXD) Technologies prototype effort, NAWCAD CWD seeks to develop, demonstrate, and assess innovative enhancements to existing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) cross-domain capabilities that will improve the cyber resiliency of Naval Aviation, US Navy (USN), and Department of Defense (DoD) weapon systems. Through this project, NAWCAD CWD seeks to ensure that warfighting systems and their directly corresponding support systems can maintain operational readiness and are survivable and mission capable in the face of modern cyber warfare threats.

Furthermore, the FXD OTA is being sought to deliver novel and innovative approaches to risk assessments, lethality improvements, and onboard communications for weapon systems and corresponding support systems. Increasingly interconnected platforms are increasingly reliant upon Multi-Level Security (MLS) architectures, involving real-time bi-directional communication from sensors/payloads and data sources to Command and Control (C2) exploitation systems across various security domains. Additionally, the very teams who perform the risk assessments and adversarial emulation for NAVAIR weapon systems require cyber-resilient cross-domain transfer mechanisms and system architectures.

The Government anticipates this effort, along with the capabilities it researches, develops, prototypes demonstrates, and validates will be CLASSIFIED at the SECRET level. Therefore, any vendor with an intent to prime this effort must possess an approved FOCI mitigation and SECRET FCL and will be required to complete a Vendor Self Vetting Form.