On 5 October 2018, in accordance with 10 U.S.C § 2371b, Other Transaction Agreements have been awarded under the Training and Readiness Accelerator (TReX) for the Naval Operational Business Logistics Enterprise (NOBLE) Prototype(s), Integrated Data Environment (IDE).

Two prototype projects were awarded for Pilot 1.

  • Raytheon Company located in Indianapolis, IN in the amount of $2,040,298
  • Palantir USG, Inc. located in Palo Alto, CA in the amount of $262,500

The United States Navy desires a system(s) with enterprise and field level capability to ensure effective and efficient supply and maintenance operations both ashore and afloat that is Cyber Secure and auditable. The delivered solutions will be part of the NOBLE family of systems, composed of NOSS, NAMS, NOME and the IDE.  IDE, leveraging ACS and other Navy cloud brokers/SecDevOps instances, will provide data integration of multiple legacy platforms into a holistic level data environment, accessible via Application Program Interfaces (API) and hosted in a government certified cloud at Impact Level (IL) 4/5. The cloud environment combined with a common IDE will provide a highly available and reliable commercial solution. The environment will also be capable of hosting and integrating applications, data, systems and services planned to be transitioned to modern commercial technologies, and accomplish this migration of government-owned applications with no degradation of services.