This opportunity was awarded to the following:

  • Santa Barbara Infrared
  • Amherst Systems – Northrop Grumman
  • Star Dynamics
  • Vadum
  • Cole Engineering Services, Inc.

Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation (PEO STRI) Program Manager Cyber, Test, and Training (PM CT2) Instrumentation Management Office’s (IMO) Test and Evaluation Prototyping Program (TEPP) will conduct prototyping to address the critical gaps in T&E capabilities as identified by the DoD Test Resource Management Center (TRMC). Specifically, PM CT2 IMO will conduct the Electronic Warfare Test (EWT) prototype projects to advance and accelerate testing electro-optical (EO) and radio frequency (RF) electronic warfare (EW) systems. This includes technologies or capabilities to address T&E shortfalls for weapon sensor/seeker testing, and for threat emulation to include congested/contested environments, cognitive-enabled EW systems, and EW-enabled cyber systems. The EWT prototype projects will develop and accelerate technologies to address T&E shortfalls in EWT and develop technologies required to test future warfighting capabilities designed to support DoD advances in warfighting technology. The ultimate goal of the EWT prototype projects will be to conduct prototyping efforts that demonstrate and advance EO and RF solutions that:

  • Focus on emerging warfighting capabilities that are not represented by current T&E approaches or on a broader infrastructure challenge.
  • Support advanced technology development, demonstration, and transition to new DoD T&E capabilities.
  • Address test technology or capability needs (also referred to as gaps or shortfalls within the community) spanning DoD-wide.
  • Consist of a portfolio of technology development projects.

Each Domain, EO and RF, include several topic areas for industry to provide solutions against. These topic areas are:


  • Advanced Broadband Infrared Projector
  • Rapid EO Database Technology

Radio Frequency:

  • Mitigating 5G Impact on Electronic Warfare (EW) Testing at Military Laboratories
  • Mitigating 5G Impact on Electronic Warfare (EW) Testing at Military Ranges
  • Real-Time, High-Fidelity, High-Density RF Signal Generation
  • High-SNR Ka-Band Radar Cross Section (RCS) Technology
  • Signal Generation Translation Technology
  • EW Arena