Solution Reference: Aviation Virtual Training Suite (AVTS) Core and Lesson Baseline

Description of Effort: TReX OTA Prototype Effort for the development of a prototype solution that will use a common software architecture and source code to provide the essential common functionality for an Aviation platform product line, which will enable training in critical tasks required for various aviation platforms.

RFS Originally Posted: 11/13/19

Amended RFS’ Posted: 1st Amendment 11/22/19; 2nd Amendment 01/08/20

RFS Due Date: 01/28/20

Agreements Officer: Mark A. Muñiz


Following a significant change in requirements and funding for the AVTS Core and Lesson Baseline prototype project, the Government concluded that the approach contained in the RFS no longer reflects the agency’s current needs. Therefore, the Government is cancelling the above-referenced RFS. The Government greatly appreciates your interest and solution submission for this effort and look forward to your continued interest and solution submissions for future TReX OTA project opportunities. For additional TReX opportunities, please visit: and the TReX website: