STE Opportunities

Common Synthetic Environment Competition

By TReX Website Admin | February 15, 2019

The Synthetic Training Environment is a holistic approach to provide one scalable environment (live, virtual, constructive, and gaming) by applying common characteristics, specifically common standards, architecture, terrain, and authoritative data.  The STE will provide the Army a usable realistic, complex training environment that improves readiness through repetition to achieve mastery of warfighting skill from Soldier/Squad…

Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer Competition

By TReX Website Admin | February 15, 2019

The United States Army has identified requirements for a training capability that provides a Synthetic Training Environment (STE), which includes Air and Ground Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainers (RVCT). The STE will be a single, interconnected training system that provides a Common Synthetic Environment (CSE), in which air and ground units from crew/section through Army Service…

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