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Army Prototype Will Enhance Force-on-Force Soldier Training

Army prototype for soldier training

Army Prototype Will Enhance Force-on-Force Soldier Training Service uses new contracting method to speed development Arlington, VA. – June 18, 2019 –The U.S. Army awarded a $692,223 agreement to ZelTech Training Solutions (ZTS) of Winter Park, Florida, to provide a prototype for improving solider training by integrating the Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) with…

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NSTXL would like to invite you to our first ever “Contracting & Coffee (C2)” workshop series! Curious about the latest Government contracting trends in R&D and prototyping? Do you want to get involved but you’re unsure how to do so? Come join NSTXL for an informal but informative discussion, on nontraditional Government contracting! Enjoy a…

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STE Live Force on Force

The RFS Amendment 2 only updated paragraph 6.4.1 under Development Schedule to include the following text “excluded from the page count” and added Attachment 7, Final RFS STE Live Questions Responses dated 28 June 2019.  There are no other changes to the RFS. *** The Army desires a Synthetic Training Environment (STE) enabled Live Training…

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Environmental Control and Power (IECP)

The need for electronics cooling, Warfighter thermal conditioning, refrigeration, and heating is an urgent and imminent operational need. To address this need, the Army desires to prototype, test, demonstrate, and assess Integrated Environmental Control and Power (IECP) technologies and capabilities, both dual-use and defense specific, based on advanced vector drive controls for vapor compression technology…

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Technology Advancement Testbed (TAT)

The US Army desires to prototype advanced test and assessment processes and methodologies to support the development, demonstration, and assessment of a Hardware in the Loop (HWIL) Technology Advancement Testbed (TAT) comprised of a family of systems and simulated environments. The HWIL TAT prototype project will seek to advance and accelerate the testing of proposed…

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Aviation Virtual Training Suite (AVTS)

Army helicopter

The Army desires to establish a common architecture and software baseline for a suite of Aviation pilot and maintenance virtual trainers.  The goal of this effort is to analyze existing training systems and develop a prototype solution that incorporates Aviation training for multiple airframes into a common architecture to be known as the Aviation Virtual…

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TReX Industry Engagement Session

The National Security Technology Accelerator(NSTXL) will host a Training and Readiness Accelerator (TReX) Industry Engagement Session on May 14, 2019. This quarterly effort will identify the TReX Priorities established by PEO STRI and look to provide transparency of future Other Transaction Projects on the horizon with respect to PEO STRI priorities.  Additionally, NSTXL will provide…

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Breakthrough: AR/VR Applications and Startups in Government

NSTXL TReX Director, Teresa Speck, will be participating in an Amazon Web Service and Public Spend Forum entitled Breakthrough: Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Applications and Startups in Government. During this session government leaders, technology startups and emerging technology firms, and experts to discuss how AR/VR technologies can transform governments approach training and development. Read…

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