Environmental Control and Power (IECP)

May 16, 2019

The need for electronics cooling, Warfighter thermal conditioning, refrigeration, and heating is an urgent and imminent operational need. To address this need, the Army desires to prototype, test, demonstrate, and assess Integrated Environmental Control and Power (IECP) technologies and capabilities, both dual-use and defense specific, based on advanced vector drive controls for vapor compression technology and solid-gas absorption technology (open and closed cycle) that have been demonstrated to at least the proof-of-principle level. In accordance with 10 USC §2371b, the IECP prototype project’s nontraditional approach is an expansion and adaptation of dual-use and defense specific thermal appliance technologies and capabilities with technology enhancements that will address the unique military requirements of operations and use. Specifically, the IECP prototype project will seek to prototype IECP capabilities that will provide Size, Weight, and Power (SWAP) effective solutions to arising needs in Forward Operating Bases (FOB), Tactical Operation Camps (TOC), Mobile Tactical Platforms (MTACP), and Directed Energy (DE) and High Energy (HE) systems. The IECP prototype project will encompass the design, Modeling & Simulation (M/S), testing, and assessment of prototype technologies and capabilities for cooling, refrigeration, and heating systems along with containment technology suitable for military environments; some of which requiring hardware or munitions to be protected from ballistic or thermal impact.

The envisioned IECP prototypes will be directly relevant to military readiness and the effective and safe operation of military personnel in TOCs, FOBs, and other platforms by providing electronics and Warfighter cooling in a reliable and rapidly deployable manner without the need of local power infrastructure. This in turn will enhance the mission effectiveness and readiness of the Warfighter and improve the platform performance and agility, and when applied to Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) platforms, the lethality.

Any questions regarding this soon to be released opportunity should be directed to TReX@nstxl.org.

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