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Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer Competition

Request for Solutions: Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer (RVCT) Competition Amendment 2 April 23, 2019 Update (RFS Amendment): RVCT RFS_Amendment 2 Update (Q&A Posted): RVCT RFS Attachment 7 – Questions_and_Answers Update (RFS Amendment): RVCT RFS_Amendment 1 Update: (SoN Amendment): RVCT RFS Attachment 1 – SoN_Amendment 1 1.0 Purpose The Army desires a Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer (RVCT) to serve as…

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S/SVT Weapons Optimization Industry Day

S/SVT Weapons Optimization Industry Day The government recently conducted an Industry Day to support the S/SVT Weapons Optimization opportunity. Click the button below to view and download the presentation from the event. SSVT Weapons OPT Industry Day_20190422 Registration for the 1-on-1 sessions is CLOSED ! ! ! The Government will also be holding short 15-20…

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S/SVT Weapons Optimization

Coming Soon: S/SVT Weapons Optimization Update: SSVT Weapons OPT Industry Day_20190422 The Army’s future training capability is the Synthetic Training Environment (STE). The STE enables tough, iterative, dynamic, and realistic multi-echelon / combined arms maneuver, mission rehearsal, and mission command collective training in support of multi-domain operations. The focus of this prototype project is to identify…

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Model-based Product Support (MBPS) Prototype Project

Request for Solutions (RFS) Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Readiness and Logistics Navy Model-Based Product Support (MBPS) 20 March 2019 Amendment 0001: Submission Date Extended to 3 May 2019 1.0 Purpose This Request for Solutions (RFS) is issued to identify an integrated solution for the Navy’s Model-Based Product Support (MBPS) environment. The Government will evaluate…

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Synthetic Training Environment (STE) – “Live” Industry Day

Synthetic Training Environment (STE) – “Live” Industry Day The Synthetic Training Environment (STE) Cross Functional Team (CFT), in concert with the National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL) and the Training and Readiness Accelerator (TReX), recently launched the STE Live effort. The STE CFT, in coordination with TReX, hosted a Collaborative Industry Day event on March 13-14th,…

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Common Synthetic Environment Competition

CSE Amendment 4/1/2019 ! ! ! The Common Synthetic Environment competition has issued an amendment to the Request for Solutions. The amendment allows vendors to submit a single, stand-alone Prime response to the One World Terrain capability. The STE-CFT has listened to vendor feedback to the RFS and in response will provide the flexibility in…

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