Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer Competition

Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer Competition

The United States Army has identified requirements for a training capability that provides a Synthetic Training Environment (STE), which includes Air and Ground Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainers (RVCT). The STE will be a single, interconnected training system that provides a Common Synthetic Environment (CSE), in which air and ground units from crew/section through Army Service Component Command conduct realistic multi-echelon / multi-domain combined arms maneuver, air ground integration, and mission command training. The Air and Ground RVCT are used to train units in collective tasks on a simulated, fully interactive, real time battlefield. RVCT provides a realistic virtual environment in which units train and perform tasks preparing themselves to successfully accomplish their collective missions.

RVCT-Air:  The Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer- Air (RVCT-A) will replace the Aviation Combined Arms Collective Trainer (AVCATT) and be Army Aviation’s only Collective Training System of Record.  RVCT-A will enable unit collective and combined arms air-ground training for AH-64, UH-60, CH-47, and UH-72 aircrews within the Synthetic Training Environment (STE). The Air RVCT will also support the training of UH-60, CH-47 and UH-72 Non-Rated crew members in crew coordination, flight, aerial gunnery, hoist and slingload related tasks via integrated non-rated crewmember stations.  Interoperable with RVCT – Ground.

Each Air RVCT suite will be reconfigurable between:
Apache Longbow (AH-64D/E)
Chinook (CH-47F)
Black Hawk (UH-60M)
Lakota (UH-72)

Capabilities include:
Realistic, collective / combined arms training and mission rehearsal.
Appropriate actual fidelity to enable crew coordination (e.g., pilot, copilot, and non-rated crew members) for tactical missions in varying conditions.
Supports training of MUM-T through integration of UAS semi-immersive configurations.
Reconfigurable within 30 minutes.
Nonrated crewmember configurations will utilize tactical M240 weapon simulators with realistic feedback (e.g., recoil, wind).
Flexible capability to optimize and employ required STE capabilities to support the Commander’s training plan.

RVCT-Ground: The Ground Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer (RVCT) will provide a virtual simulation training capability that allow formations to conduct collective gunnery and combined arms maneuver training from crew/squad through battalion level for all Army component formations, sufficiently representing both dismounted and platform capabilities at the Point of Need (PoN). The Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainers will replace the current Close Combat Tactical Trainers (CCTT) and Reconfigurable Vehicle Tactical Trainer (RVTT).  Interoperable with RVCT – Air.

The Ground RVCT will consist of two separate suites, a battalion level suite and company level suite.  Initially, each suite will represent the Abrams tank, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, Stryker vehicle and High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle. Overtime supplementary track and wheeled vehicles will be prioritize and added to both suites.

Capabilities include:
Realistic, collective gunnery / combined arms training and mission rehearsal Empowers training of all Warfighting Functions (WfFs) Training of air and ground integration between air and ground RVCT crews Conduct training at PoN (Home Station, Armories, Combat Training Centers).
Reconfigurable within 30 minutes
The Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer competition may be awarded to more than a single vendor, though that determination will likely not be made until after completion of evaluations. If multiple vendors are selected, the most likely (though not the sole) scenario would involve a complete solution for the Ground trainer and a complete solution for the Air trainer.

Expected RFS Release: Mid-April 2019