Accelerated Vehicle Durability Testing (AVDT) Drivetrain Simulator

The Army requires a drivetrain simulator to test heavy vehicles, with four or more axles and weighing from 23,000 to 80,000 lbs, which can be utilized to estimate the reliability of the vehicle system. The Army desires to develop a Heavy Vehicle Durability Simulator System, as part of the Accelerated Vehicle Durability Testing (AVDT) program, to include a drivetrain simulator, to accelerate wheeled vehicle reliability and durability testing. Testing will be accelerated four to five times, significantly shortening test durations. The ultimate goal is to streamline vehicle acquisition by quickening and improving assessments of vehicle system durability and reliability. The project focuses on stressing high risk chassis and powertrain components on heavy, multi-axle wheeled vehicles, but also extends to reliability of all on-board subsystems such as electronics.

The Drivetrain Simulator will test entire vehicle powertrains, including the powertrain mounting structures.  The powertrain components will rotate under power with transient loading. Powertrain tests are run concurrently with other simulations, and the reliability results can be combined to estimate the reliability of the vehicle system.

The drivetrain simulator prototype project is estimated to be completed in two phases:

– Phase I, the prototype design development period.

– Phase II, the operational evaluation period, will take approximately 12 months to complete.  The vendor will demonstrate prototype capabilities in an operational environment, and the vendor will also provide support during Government operational testing.

Estimated Release: TBD

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Accelerated Vehicle Durability Testing (AVDT) Drivetrain Simulator

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