One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF) Computer Based Training (CBT) Tool


One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF) Computer Based Training (CBT) Tool

OneSAF is a software only semi-automated forces/computer generated forces (SAF/CGF) simulation designed to represent brigade and below combat and non-combat operations.  It represents a full range of operations, systems, and control processes in support of simulation applications across the six Army Modeling and Simulation (M&S) communities.  The U.S. Army supports user training requirements by using face-to-face classroom based training events both at the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) facility in Orlando, FL and remotely at various customer sites.  The OneSAF Computer Based Training (CBT) effort will replace the 1-on-1 classroom-based basic user training course for the OneSAF software with a CBT tool. The goal is for the prototype to be a low-cost alternative to provide basic user training and skill checking on how to operate the simulation’s graphical user interface (GUI) in support of exercise events.  This training is intended to provide a self-directed, individually-paced learning experience saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in travel expenses incurred by the Army and M&S community users while providing a revamped, improved user learning experience.

The Government has up to $300K of funding to support this effort and may award more than one project.

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