Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE) Cyber Innovation Challenge #3


Request for White Papers: Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE) Cyber Innovation Challenge #3

CIC 3 Focus Areas: Red Planning and Execution, White Cell, Master Control

CIC 3 will seek to provide a manual as well as an automated red planning and execution capability. It should also provide a capability for the white cell to monitor training execution and training status in near-real time.  This includes resource status and utilization, CMF trainee actions, and ability to dynamically modify the training scenario during execution.  A white cell dashboard should provide a visual understanding of training event progression, allow for checkpoints/ restart, and should provide an interface to adjust red, blue and grey traffic generation.  Master control should provide a dashboard capability to dynamically represent the status of one or many concurrent PCTE training events.  This includes the monitoring of network operations, cloud services, and Regional Compute and Storage (RCS) resources. These capabilities require the ability to operate simultaneously at multiple classification levels which should be shown by demonstrating the capability to segregate data according to simulated classification levels.  These capabilities will be integrated within the PCTE development operations (DEVOPS) environment.

Estimated RWP Release: Mid-to-late June 2018

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