Naval Operational Business Logistics Enterprise (NOBLE)


Naval Operational Business Logistics Enterprise (NOBLE)

The United States Navy (USN) desires a system(s) with enterprise and field level capability to ensure effective and efficient supply operations both ashore and afloat. The system(s) will also provide aviation and afloat tactical maintenance that is Cyber Secure and auditable. The delivered solution will be known as the Naval Operational Business Logistics Enterprise (NOBLE), composed of the Naval Operational Supply System (NOSS), Naval Aviation Maintenance System (NAMS), and Naval Operational Maintenance Environment (NOME).

NOSS will support planning, requisitioning, procurement, inventory control, logistics services, and financial accountability of all material and property across all commodities.

NAMS will provide Naval aviation (U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps) with a robust, deployable, scalable, streamlined tactical maintenance solution to maintain the operational availability of deployed and deployable aircraft.

NOME will provide the USN with a robust deployable, scalable and streamlined tactical maintenance solution afloat to maintain the operational availability of deployed and deployable ships and submarines.

The solution(s) shall include an Integrated Data Environment (IDE) able to support the data integration of multiple legacy platforms into a holistic level data environment, accessible via Application Program Interfaces (API) and hosted in a Government Certified Cloud at Impact Level (IL) 4/5. The cloud environment augmented with the IDE will provide a highly available and reliable commercial solution. The environment will be capable of hosting and integrating applications, data, systems, and services planned to be modernized into commercial technologies, and the migration of government-owned applications with no degradation of services.

One or more OT agreements will be awarded to accomplish the necessary work and select the best combination of business functional software applications, data environment integration, and cloud stack services (e.g., Platform as a Service). NOBLE prototype(s) will evaluate vendor options for Application Program Interfaces (API), data migration, Integrated Data Environment (IDE), Cloud hosting services; COTS supply functionality, and overall system integration.

Estimated Release: June 2018

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